Child Custody

Protecting every parents’ rights and interests in child custody disputes is very important. Texas presumes every child needs and will benefit from both parents in the child’s lives.There are some exceptions to this presumption.

Suzanne will evaluate your case and tell you her opinion of the realistic outcome of your case considering all your circumstances and advise you of the costliness of custody disputes so you can make an informed decision regarding your child.

Our office  will take the time to advise clients about temporary custody and visitation orders, mediation of parent-child issues, and the negotiation or litigation of contested custody issues. We also represent people on either side of relocation proposals where the parent with primary physical custody wants to move to another state, another city in Texas, or even a foreign country.

Unfortunately, sometimes one may have to file an enforcement action against the other parent. Suzanne can advise you on the best way thing way to approach this, regardless of whether you are the one trying to enforce the order or an enforcement has been filed against you.